4 Ideas for Writing Hyperlocal Posts on Your Real Estate Blog


You probably know by now that real estate blogging is important. Real estate blogging helps you to become more visible in search engines, build your brand, and present yourself as an expert. If you’re ready to choose a blogging tactic, start by blogging about everything hyperlocal. Hyperlocal blogging is simply writing blog posts about focused areas such as towns, neighborhoods, or even particular subdivisions. Try to think about the information that buyers or sellers in these areas might be interested in (and therefore Googling). Here are a few topics that provide tons of opportunities for great content:

Local market reports: Writing a couple of paragraphs about home buying and selling activity in specific areas provides valuable info to buyers and sellers, and positions you as a real estate expert. Rotate through the towns or communities you serve and write a post about one area per week. Information about number of homes on the market, days on the market, homes sold, and average selling price, as well as your thoughts on current market conditions, are all valuable content for buyers and sellers.

Lists of trusted service providers: As a real estate agent, you’ve probably collected a solid set of referrals for service providers like general contractors, home inspectors, painters, interior decorators, and more. Buyers and sellers are always looking for great referrals. Type up a short list for each category with names and contact info. Make sure to let your referrals know that you’re publicizing them so that they can return the favor.

Local events: Posting about local events is a great way to introduce your community. Maybe your town or neighborhood does free concerts in the park or a block party in warm weather. Type up a quick post with the relevant info: who, what, when, where, and why. Link out to any helpful websites.

Local resources: The possibilities are endless for quick lists about local resources. This topic spans tons of categories. Think: schools, parks, restaurants, small businesses, gyms, and childcare services. You can even break these categories up into smaller sets and write posts with titles like "3 Perfect Date Night Restaurants" or "6 Outdoor Activities for the Kids".

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