LinkedIn Basics for Real Estate Agents: Part 2

In our last blog post we looked at 3 tips for getting started on LinkedIn. Here are more tips to take your LinkedIn skills to the next level: 

Customize Your Profile URL. LinkedIn gives you a random URL for your public profile page. Reinforce your brand by customizing your URL to something more memorable. To do this, go to Profile > Edit Profile. Below your headshot, you’ll see the link to your profile. Hover over the link and click the pencil icon to edit. 

Adjust Your Account Settings. LinkedIn allows you to customize many settings, from privacy settings to how often you’re emailed. Take a few minutes to explore your options. Hover over your photo in the top right. On the dropdown, select Privacy & Settings. On the next page, click through the four tabs on the lower half of the page: Profile, Communications, Group, Companies & Applications, and Account. Adjust to your heart’s content. 

Ask for recommendations. Recommendations are like testimonials right there on your profile. Choose trusted colleagues or past clients to give you a recommendation, and send them a request by hovering over your photo in the top right of your homepage. Select Privacy & Settings. On the next page, go to Helpful Links > Manage Your Recommendations. Click Ask for Recommendations and LinkedIn will walk you through the rest. If you receive a recommendation, make sure to add it to your profile, it won’t appear automatically!

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s tools to boost your real estate business.

LinkedIn Basics for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn is the most professional social media site, and a great way to make professional contacts and even find leads. If you’re just getting started with LinkedIn, make sure to follow these steps:

Get Your Profile in Shape. LinkedIn is the equivalent of an online resume, so it’s important to be current and accurate. First, make sure you have an up-to-date headshot and job history on your LinkedIn profile. Next, be sure to click the "Contact Info" icon on your profile page and fill in your current contact info, website, and social media links. Once you have these basics complete, LinkedIn will also walk you through some suggestions to improve your profile. To do this, look for the "Improve Profile" link at the top of your homepage and let LinkedIn make some suggestions for you.

Connect with the Right People. The best way to build a contact base on LinkedIn is to connect with the usual suspects: colleagues, current and former clients, friends, and family. The fastest way to invite people to connect on LinkedIn is to leverage your email contacts. You can use one of LinkedIn’s built-in programs to connect with some major email providers and access your email contacts. You can also export your email contacts as a CSV file and import them in to LinkedIn. Find both of these options under My Network > Add contacts. This will allow you to send invitations to connect with these contacts on LinkedIn all at once.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are a group of people concerned with a particular topic. Many are open to the public. Join groups of like-minded real estate professionals, or groups where you may have the chance to interact with potential clients. Engage with group members by joining in discussions, sharing your opinions, and asking questions. Here are some tips from LinkedIn on getting started.

Take a few minutes to get started or polish up your LinkedIn presence today.

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