RLS2000 Announces: Employee of the Month for August, 2016


RLS2000 is pleased to announce Michael Bondi as our Employee of the Month for August, 2016. Michael is a leading member of our Engineering Team and has been with RLS2000 for three years. Michael has worked tirelessly to ensure our company’s success over the past few weeks and has proven that hard work and dedication surely do pay off.

Michael has taken the lead on several projects over the month of August and has worked hours on end to meet time-sensitive deadlines. Our team feels confident in asking a lot of Michael because we all know that he can and will deliver, often times surpassing our expectations. Michael goes above and beyond completing his daily requirements and simultaneously acts as a reliable support system for his co-workers. His dedication to the company has shown that he is an invaluable asset to our team.

"Over the past month, Mike has shown tremendous leadership skills while directing and planning an entire team of engineers with short deadlines,” says CEO Tom Borish. “Every single task was met with an exemplary performance."

Congratulations, Michael. We’re all looking forward to what your future with RLS2000 holds.


RLS2000 Announces: Employee of the Month for July, 2016


RLS2000 is excited to announce our long-time employee, Michael Kramer, as our Employee of the Month for July, 2016. Michael has been with the RLS2000 Engineering Team for an astounding fifteen years. While Michael is an extremely valued employee, his hard work over the month of July deserved to be recognize specifically.

Michael consistently proves that he can handle a great deal of pressure and always has a plan in place in regard to meeting deadlines and reaching various goals. Throughout July, Michael really stepped it up over the month practicing excellent time management skills and accomplishing a long list of tasks, all while training one of our newest employees. His ability to take on these numerous responsibilities was extremely impressive and did not go unnoticed by his co-workers.

"Michael has shown once again that in crunch-time he is able to lead our Engineering Team down the right path to ensure that all of our tasks were completed on time,” says CEO Tom Borish. “He’s been an invaluable team player to our company."

Michael, on behalf of the entire team at RLS2000, thank you for your hard work and continued dedication. Congratulations, Michael, as your July 2016 Employee of the Month is well deserved.

RLS2000 Announces: Employees of the Month for June, 2016

RLS2000 is switching things up for the month of June with not one, but two employees of the month. Each of these employees proved to be such strong assets to the team throughout the month of June that it was impossible to choose between them. Congratulations, Amanda Case and Patty Geer! 

Amanda and Patty make up the Billing team at RLS2000 but help out in many other aspects of the business as well. For all of their hard work and dedication to RLS2000, Amanda and Patty have definitely earned their titles as Employees of the Month, June 2016.

Amanda and Patty each display outstanding customer service and communications skills. Patty’s knowledge of company procedure regarding the billing department is unparalleled and she serves as a solid foundation for the rest of the team members at RLS2000, while Amanda manages to excel in a dual role, working not only in billing but in RLS2000’s design team, as well. Amanda strives to ensure our customers’ utmost satisfaction when it comes to their websites. As a team Patty and Amanda possess outstanding managerial skills, made evident in their ability to balance a vastly growing number of clients.

On behalf of everyone at RLS2000, thank you Amanda and Patty! Congratulations, again.

Welcome, Brian Sopok! RLS2000’s New Front End Designer


Meet Brian Sopok, the newest member of our team at RLS2000, holding the position of Front End Designer. Everyone at RLS is excited to work with Brian and extremely optimistic about what his skill set will add to our

Brian is originally from Clifton Park, New York and attended both Siena College in Albany, NY and Queen Mary University of London in London, UK. He graduated this past May with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Brian has a background in software engineering and web development.

Brian’s specialties include web design and user experience. He has assisted in the creation of a non-profit organization called Havenlabs which is aimed at creating 3D-printed prosthetics for veteran upper limb amputees. Brian enjoys spending time with his friends and family, traveling the world, and attending his favorite musical artists’ concerts.

Welcome to the team Brian!

RLS2000 Announces: Employee of the Month for May, 2016

Our team at RLS2000 would like to celebrate and recognize Jacqueline Gallagher as our employee of the month for May, 2016. Jacqueline has been with our company for over four years and consistently goes above and beyond in her role as Director of Digital Marketing and Design.

As RLS2000 continues to grow, Jacqueline takes on an influx of responsibility with ease while maintaining a positive attitude and team-oriented mentality. Besides fulfilling her Marketing and Design-specific roles at the company, Jacqueline is always there to offer guidance and support to both her clients and co-workers.

Jacqueline’s help and expertise are greatly valued by each of the team members at RLS, and over the month of May, especially, Jacqueline dedicated herself to supporting her co-workers and taking on an increased volume of work. 

"Jacqueline’s presence has shed a bright light on our products, websites, and customer support over the past month,” says CEO Tom Borish. “She’s stepped up in areas that we needed help with and she’s exceeded those expectations. We’re all proud to have her on our team here at RLS2000.com."

Congratulations, Jacqueline! Thank you for all that you do.

Is Real Estate Blogging Important?

Real estate blogging is important for several different reasons. Whether you want to build your brand and be found easily in search engines, you want to appear to be a leading expert in your field, or you want to put yourself out there as a means of gaining referrals, blogging is the way to go. Blogging allows for Search Engine Optimization, bringing your website or brand to the forefront of search engines such as Google. It also allows you to make a name for yourself in not only the real estate community but in the sphere where you practice the most business – try to imagine yourself as not only a real estate expert, but a community expert. Finally, blogging is a great way of connecting to great sources in regard to referrals.

Websites typically are static, meaning their titles, descriptions, and content are rarely updated or changed. Static websites do not perform as well in the search engines as websites that constantly have fresh content. You want search engines such as Google to label your website as valuable, and a great way to ensure this is by posting new content in the form of blog posts. These new posts force search engines to reevaluate your website. A blog post can be as short as ten sentences, complimented by an image, so the key to SEO is to blog consistently and to blog interesting or relevant information.

Whether you’ve been in the Real Estate field for six months or sixteen years, blogging about Real Estate helps to brand you as a Real Estate expert. You can take this expertise a step further by blogging hyperlocal information. Take a few minutes out of your day to blog about activities happening in the communities in which you do the most business. Oftentimes citizens within these communities may search online for events such as parades, or information about events happening in connection with the local schools. These searches will direct them to your website and you’ll be branded the real estate expert, the community expert, and you have a good chance of being the agent on these individuals’ minds when they are ready to buy or sell within the surrounding areas.

Blogging as a way to gain references can be done using the same hyperlocal information. If you eat at a great local restaurant, write a ten sentence blog about it on your website. If you let this restaurant know that you’ve written a great article about them on your Real Estate blog, the next time a patron is sitting at their counter discussing the prospects of buying, this restaurant may have you in mind.

Blogging is a great way to get business, it’s easy, quick, and also cheap! Share your blog posts on Facebook and other varying social media platforms to ensure the utmost traffic is directed to your website.

RLS2000 Welcomes Kerri O’Connor to Our Team


Meet Kerri O’Connor, who recently joined the Sales Team at RLS2000 as our Inside Sales & Account Manager.

"Kerri comes to us with a strong professional administrative background in real estate," says CEO Tom Borish. "She’s already shown — after just a few weeks — an excellent array of skills that has provided our customers with the type of support they deserve to receive. We’re glad to have her as a part of our growing team." Here’s a bit more about her:

Kerri is from Oxford, Massachusetts and attended Suffolk University and UMASS Boston, completing a degree in English with a concentration in Communications. She has a background in real estate law and real estate administration.

Kerri’s specialties include research, writing, oral and written communication, along with copyrighting skills. She has volunteered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Best Buddies. Kerri enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, comedy, and literature.

Welcome to the team Kerri!

RLS2000.com, Inc. Names Tom Borish New CEO


RLS2000.com is pleased to announce Tom Borish as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Borish has over 10 years of experience with RLS2000.com as the company’s Senior Web Designer and has a proven track record of success with project management and leadership within the company.

As CEO, Mr. Borish will grow the company’s vision, develop and execute new business strategies, and manage the company’s operations and performance.

"While I will continue in my role as the owner and president of RLS2000.com, I am excited to announce Tom as our new CEO," says Mark Handy, President of RLS2000.com. "His unflagging energy and dedication over his years at RLS2000.com have demonstrated that he will drive positive growth for the company in his new role."

Mr. Borish brings over 20 years’ experience in professional web design, entrepreneurship, development, management, and multimedia to his new role. "I’m thrilled to lead the company to new opportunities while continuing Mr. Handy’s commitment to customer service excellence," says Mr. Borish. "I am dedicated to focusing on our clients’ needs and providing outstanding products to our clients."

Mr. Borish, 39, resides in New Hampshire with his wife and their two children. He graduated from Kent State with a degree in communications, where he was a standout NCAA Division I track and field athlete and team captain. He is an accomplished triathlete and he is running the Boston Marathon this spring.

Founded in 2000, RLS2000.com is a leading provider of online technology for real estate agents and offices. RLS2000.com provides client management systems, IDX-enabled websites, and social media and marketing packages for real estate agents and offices across New England.

For questions, please email support@rls2000.com.

The First Step to Get More Followers on Your Real Estate Social Media Pages


Your first step to get more followers on your real estate social media pages is also the easiest: use the built-in tools that each social media platform provides to find people you know. Here’s how to do it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn:

Facebook: Log in and navigate to your business page. Under your cover photo to the right, you’ll see a button with three grey dots. Click the button to see several options, including "Invite Friends" and "Suggest Page". Click "Invite Friends" to see a list of people you are connected with through your personal Facebook account. To ask them to like your business page, just click "Invite" next to their name. Click "Suggest Page" to invite your email contacts to like your page. First click "Upload Contacts" and follow Facebook’s instructions, then send your contacts an email to like your page. Facebook will walk you through just about any method of uploading your email contacts.

Twitter: Log in to Twitter and on the homepage, you’ll see a "Who to follow" box. Click the "Find friends" link at the bottom, then click "Search contacts" next to your email provider. Twitter will walk you through the rest to show you any of your contacts who are on Twitter. Just click "Follow" next to each person, or follow all contacts at once by clicking "Follow all". Finding and following your contacts is a great way to notify them you’re on Twitter and prompt them to follow you back.

LinkedIn: Log in and click "Connections" then "Add Connections". Click on your email provider to find your contacts by their email address. If you don’t see your email provider, just click "Other Email" for more options. Follow LinkedIn’s steps to import your contacts. Once complete, you’ll see a list of your contacts who are already on LinkedIn – just click "Add Connection" to invite them to connect. You can also import a file of your contacts under "Import file" if you have one.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Real Estate Marketing in 2016


Having a strong online and social media presence is one of the best things you can do for your real estate business. The New Year is right around the corner, and now is the time to make some New Year’s resolutions for marketing your real estate business in 2016. Take the opportunity to start with a clean slate and implement new ideas. Here are the top 5 must-dos for your real estate marketing in 2016:

  1. Examine your online presence. Step back and take stock of your overall online presence. Do you have the basics? If you’re a savvy agent, you’ve already got a website, a blog, and social media accounts set up. Take the next step and make sure your branding and contact info is consistent throughout, and you’re linking back to your website whenever possible.
  2. Blog regularly. The importance of providing regular content to your audience isn’t going to change any time soon. Posting once a week is a great goal. Create content that your audience finds relevant, such as listing info or tips for buyers and sellers.
  3. Create videos for your listings. YouTube is the top video research destination for home shoppers. Create a YouTube video channel for yourself or your business, and start uploading videos of your listings. YouTube videos are great for SEO. Bonus ideas: get videos of customer testimonials or highlights of the towns you serve.
  4. Get a mobile-responsive website. The majority of people are searching for real estate and real estate agents from their phones. Make sure your website is mobile-responsive so your audience can easily find you from any device.
  5. Post to social media regularly. Your audience is on social media, and it makes sense to connect with them where they are. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube will continue to allow you to reach to your audience and target them in relevant ways. Set up a regular posting schedule.

If you’re a Social Pro Gold customer, you know RLS2000 is already taking care of each of these resolutions for you. Not a Social Pro Gold customer yet? We’ll build your mobile-responsive website and blog, post regularly to your blog for you, set up and post to your social media accounts, create YouTube videos for each of your listings, and more. Check out our video to see everything Social Pro Gold can do for you, and make 2016 the year you take your online marketing to the next level:

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