RLS2000 Feature Releases You May Have Missed in 2015


At RLS2000, we make it our goal to continually build new features for you and include them for free as part of your website package. 2015 was a busy year, and we introduced some fantastic new features. In case you missed them, here’s the rundown:

We’re already hard at work building more great features for your website in 2016. If you have any questions about these releases or any of the other features of your website, you can always email us at support@rls2000.com or explore more of our on-demand webinars.

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Have feedback on these features or other ideas you’d like to see? Email us at suggestions@rls2000.com.

The Easiest Way to Boost Social Media Engagement for Real Estate Agents

What’s the easiest way to give your social media a boost? It’s simple: Share more photos and video.

People engage more on social media when you post photos and video. There’s no better way to market yourself than a shot of new homeowners at the closing table or a video testimonial from return clients. Posting more photos and video is easy with your smartphone: download the major social media apps and use your phone on the go to snap a photo or record a video, then upload to any social media account in seconds. If you’re a Social Pro Gold customer, log in to your MLS Property Finder account to write a quick blog post around your photo or video — a couple of sentences will do it. This kills a whole flock of birds with one stone: the post will automatically go to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and drive traffic back to your website.

Need some ideas on what to share?

  • A photo of new homeowners with the keys… never gets old
  • A video testimonial from your happy clients
  • A photo of your open house sign — mention dates and times of course
  • A quick video from town square highlighting some of the best aspects of the town

What’s Your Mobile Strategy for 2016?


Having a mobile-responsive website is more important than ever. The National Association of Realtors’ survey of homebuyers reported in 2013 that 89 percent of home shoppers use a mobile device for the duration of their property research… and that number has only risen since then.

Your clients want to easily find you and search for homes from their mobile devices. The best way to give them what they need is with a mobile-responsive website. Mobile-responsive websites work on every device – from a desktop computer to an iPad to a smartphone – and provide a seamless experience for clients.

RLS2000’s Social Pro Gold package offers a completely mobile-responsive website and blog along with automated social media marketing. Take a look at everything that Social Pro Gold can do and sign up for a demo, or check out our webinar to learn more about what mobile-responsive websites can do for you, and make mobile part of your 2016 strategy.

3 Ways to Improve Your Online Real Estate Marketing

The overwhelming majority of homebuyers start their search online, which makes it more important than ever to make sure your real estate marketing on the web is on point. Here are a few tips to improve your online marketing presence and attract more leads:

1. Use Links: This is link-building 101: Always link back to your own website whenever possible! Make sure all of your social media profiles, e-newsletters, email signatures, and yes, even printed materials, have your website on them. Link to your website whenever possible to drive clients back to your website. If you’re writing blog posts, reference and link to other posts you’ve written when it makes sense.

2. Maintain Your Blog: Fresh blog content boosts your ranking in Google and increases the number of searches your site may be returned for. For Social Pro Gold clients, RLS2000 automatically posts listing updates and general interest articles to your blog for you, and it’s great to supplement these posts and give your blog a boost by creating local, personalized content for your readers. Try a quick post about your observations on the local market or an upcoming event in one of the towns you serve.

3. Experiment with Online Tactics: Don’t be afraid to shake up your posts. Try some video blogs, or post something different to Facebook than you normally would. A small change might give you a big boost. The beauty of online marketing is that you can track how well a strategy is doing. If a new strategy isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, try something else.

Online marketing is effective and affordable when done right. Take a few minutes today to review and polish your online presence.

Quick Tips to Expand Your Real Estate Social Media Reach

In the real estate industry, time is at a premium. These social media tips for real estate will help you make more connections, nurture them, and turn them into leads and clients. Try these tips for 15 minutes at lunch to expand your social media reach.

Connect and Engage with Potential Leads 
As you network, host open houses, or attend events, you’ll meet lots of potential new clients. Look them up on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and invite them to connect with your business pages. This is a great start to building a relationship. After you connect, continue to engage them. As your business page, like or comment on any relevant updates, or even share a link to an article about something of mutual interest. You’re building trust and staying top-of-mind with potential new clients. 

Like and Follow Other Pages
Do a Facebook or Twitter search for the businesses you respect in the real estate industry, as well as colleagues or other pages in your target market, then "like" and "follow" them. This will help you measure what similar pages are doing and develop new strategies. It can also be a great way to find quality content to share with your audience.

Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Search for Leads
Have you ever seen someone post on Facebook, "Moving to Salem, what are the best neighborhoods to live in?" You can answer these types of questions! All three of these social media sites have "Search" functions that are underutilized. Search for the name of your city and keywords such as "moving" "buying" "selling" or "where to live" and chime in with your best advice. Give your name and credentials and a link to your website, and you’ve made a new contact and established your expertise.


At RLS2000, we’re taking care of your online marketing for you

These days, it takes a lot more than a free website for a real estate agent to stand above the crowd online. You can spend your valuable time trying to DIY your website and online marketing, or you can find a website company that takes care of everything for you.

That’s why RLS2000 is the top real estate website company in New England — you can rely on us to take care of your online marketing for you.

Bottom line: Your website company should be doing the work for you. Not the other way around. Take a look at everything that RLS2000’s Social Pro Gold does for you:

 Have you seen everything that our Social Pro Gold can do? Take a look.

Have you tried our Marketing Flyers? Customize them to meet your real estate marketing needs


In case you missed it, RLS2000 recently released our new Marketing Flyers feature for our Social Pro Gold and Social Pro customers. You can now create and customize Listing Flyers and Social Media Flyers right from your MLS Property Finder account. Your flyers are completely print and web ready — with a couple clicks of your mouse, you can email them to your clients or print them for your latest open house.

Check out everything these flyers can do. We want to showcase this excellent custom flyer created by our Social Pro Gold client Russ Rougeau. Russ customized this flyer for his Veterans’ Rebate Program, his way of saying "thank you" to those who have served. Russ loves working with veterans (and he’ll gladly take any referrals you may have for Veteran clients). Your flyers will look great without any customization, but we make it simple for you to take your marketing to the next level and customize your flyers to meet your marketing needs.

If you haven’t tried out the Marketing Flyers yet, just log in to your MLS Property Finder account and go to the Marketing tab. To learn more, you can also read the press release or watch our on-demand webinar.

4 Ideas for Real Estate Agents to Keep You Blogging Forever

If you’re a Social Pro Gold or Social Pro customer, you already know that RLS2000 blogs for you automatically. We post all of your new listings, open houses, RLS2000 YouTube video tours, price changes, back on the market listings, and sold listings to your blog. We also post a general interest article for you each week. So you may be wondering, why blog on top of all that? Quite simply, writing your own blog articles is one of the best ways to personalize your web marketing presence, provide value to your potential clients, and show your real estate knowledge.

Ready to get started but drawing a blank on what to blog about? Here is the magic formula that will keep you blogging forever:

  1. Boost your brand with a personal success story. Why? To build rapport with prospective clients. Let them see the real you, and let them see how good you are at your work. Make it short, let your personality shine through, and make sure you get permission to write about any people involved.
  2. Build SEO by interviewing a local business or writing about a local current event. Include any relevant links! Then, post a link to your article on their Facebook page. They could be really appreciative.
  3. Show your expertise by putting your spin on local real estate news. Discuss what’s going on in the local market, or introduce news you’re reposting with two or three sentences worth of your opinion. Do you agree or disagree with what’s being said? Do you have better information for your area? Tell your clients, they want to know that you’re the expert.
  4. Provide valuable content by creating to-do checklists or “do and don’t” lists for buyers and sellers. Easy to write, it’s just a list! And your clients get great information to help them simplify the buying or selling process.

There it is: You can rotate through this list for never-ending blog ideas with a mix of local topics, helpful advice, information about you, and important real estate news. And RLS2000 makes it easier than ever to write your own blog articles. Just log in to your MLS Property Finder account and click Update > Blog Controls to create a new post. And don’t forget, we automatically send any blog articles you publish to your social media channels too. Want to learn more? Check out our blog writer webinar.

We’re Updating Our Product Names

unnamedWe are updating our website product names! Our website products now fall under our new Social Pro Agent umbrella, and we’re renaming our Pro Gold product in particular to Social Pro Gold.

Why Social Pro Agent and Social Pro Gold? We think having a strong social media presence is one of the best things you can do for your business, and we want our product names to reflect that. Our goal at RLS2000 is to bring you products that build your online presence without you lifting a finger – everything from websites to blogs to social media and more. Watch for our press release next week detailing all of our current products and make sure you have the right product to be successful online.

Please note – everything about your product stays exactly the same, only the name has changed. If you’re not sure what type of product you have or what it’s called, log in to your MLS Property Finder account and you’ll see your product name right on your dashboard.

Need a refresher on everything we offer while you wait for the press release? Just check out our website at rls2000.com.