Is Real Estate Blogging Important?

Real estate blogging is important for several different reasons. Whether you want to build your brand and be found easily in search engines, you want to appear to be a leading expert in your field, or you want to put yourself out there as a means of gaining referrals, blogging is the way to go. Blogging allows for Search Engine Optimization, bringing your website or brand to the forefront of search engines such as Google. It also allows you to make a name for yourself in not only the real estate community but in the sphere where you practice the most business – try to imagine yourself as not only a real estate expert, but a community expert. Finally, blogging is a great way of connecting to great sources in regard to referrals.

Websites typically are static, meaning their titles, descriptions, and content are rarely updated or changed. Static websites do not perform as well in the search engines as websites that constantly have fresh content. You want search engines such as Google to label your website as valuable, and a great way to ensure this is by posting new content in the form of blog posts. These new posts force search engines to reevaluate your website. A blog post can be as short as ten sentences, complimented by an image, so the key to SEO is to blog consistently and to blog interesting or relevant information.

Whether you’ve been in the Real Estate field for six months or sixteen years, blogging about Real Estate helps to brand you as a Real Estate expert. You can take this expertise a step further by blogging hyperlocal information. Take a few minutes out of your day to blog about activities happening in the communities in which you do the most business. Oftentimes citizens within these communities may search online for events such as parades, or information about events happening in connection with the local schools. These searches will direct them to your website and you’ll be branded the real estate expert, the community expert, and you have a good chance of being the agent on these individuals’ minds when they are ready to buy or sell within the surrounding areas.

Blogging as a way to gain references can be done using the same hyperlocal information. If you eat at a great local restaurant, write a ten sentence blog about it on your website. If you let this restaurant know that you’ve written a great article about them on your Real Estate blog, the next time a patron is sitting at their counter discussing the prospects of buying, this restaurant may have you in mind.

Blogging is a great way to get business, it’s easy, quick, and also cheap! Share your blog posts on Facebook and other varying social media platforms to ensure the utmost traffic is directed to your website.